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What Does an HVAC Tech Do?

What Does an HVAC Tech Do?

What Does an HVAC Tech Do?

After completing an accredited training program, HVAC technicians work diligently on heating and cooling systems. They are responsible for performing a number of technical and manual operations on heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in homes and businesses.

So, what does an HVAC tech do? A full-time HVAC job description includes a variety of tasks to fulfill work orders on HVAC systems. Are you considering a rewarding career in HVAC but aren’t quite sure what the job entails? Here is a brief overview of what HVAC technicians do! Click To Tweet


HVAC technicians must thoroughly understand the installation process of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It’s imperative to know how to install these systems in a wide variety of spaces, from personal residences to schools, hospitals, and office buildings. Education is a key component of this. If you are still interested in learning the HVAC trade, you’ll want to make sure you attend a training center that offers hands-on practice and experience so that you’re prepared for every type of installation situation.


A key component of an HVAC career is being able to perform regular maintenance. This can be anything from cleaning the HVAC components to testing the lines and connections for any malfunctions. Trained technicians must follow HVAC codes exactly and form relationships with their customers.

Pro Tip: In order to be successful in maintaining HVAC systems, you must have great communication and customer service skills.  


Another component of an HVAC career is performing repairs. If you live in a state that has intense weather, you’ll want to consider this as a possible working condition. HVAC techs oftentimes have to work for hours in sweltering heat or below freezing temperatures, but it’s for a good cause. There’s no better feeling than seeing the smile your client has after completing necessary repairs.

Hardworking HVAC Techs

HVAC technicians have a lot of job responsibilities. They have to consistently work hard and maintain professional customer rapport.

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