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3 Career Goals to Set for 2019

3 Career Goals to Set for 2019

3 Career Goals to Set for 2019

What better time to set new goals than the beginning of a new year? 2018 was a great year for The Training Center of Air Conditioning & Heating. It’s always so fulfilling to watch students learn, grow and challenge themselves to be the best HVAC technicians they can be.

Your Winter Goals

Whether you’re unhappy in your career, or just need a change, now is the time to chase your dreams. By working toward a few goals now, you’ll set yourself up to have a rewarding career when springtime comes around.  Are you interested in finding a new challenging yet rewarding career? HVAC classes begin on January 15th and end April 25th. Here are 3 career goals that will get you trained to be an HVAC tech in only 14 weeks. Share on X

1. Challenge Yourself

Do you feel complacent in your current career? Challenge yourself to learn a new trade this year. It’s an amazing feeling to accomplish the obstacles you set for yourself. Starting HVAC classes could be the challenge you need in 2019.

2. Choose a Rewarding Career

If you’re unhappy with your current job or feel as though you are stuck, maybe you should consider choosing a career that will give you a new sense of fulfillment. While the winters in Texas are beautiful, summers are not so forgiving. The peak season for HVAC professionals is during the intense summer months. 

Pro Tip: In Texas summers, the demand for highly trained HVAC technicians grows substantially as southerners can’t survive without a functioning AC.

3. Get Certified

Make it a 2019 goal to become certified to repair heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Classes at The Training Center begin on January 15 and last for fourteen weeks- ending on April 25. This timeline makes an HVAC certification the perfect New Year’s Resolution.

Setting Goals for a Satisfying Future

Setting goals now will lay the groundwork for not only a satisfying 2019 but a satisfying profession in the years to come. Join the conversation to learn more about registering for January classes, so that you’re trained and available when the demand for HVAC technicians grows this summer.