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How to Attract Military Veterans to Your Business

How to Attract Military Veterans to Your Business

How to Attract Military Veterans to Your Business

Military veterans are some of the most experienced and highly skilled employees in the American workforce. The job structure within the military is as diverse and varied as in the civilian world and military careers translate well to team environments and management positions. Veterans bring a wealth of experience and discipline to civilian jobs, making them highly desirable candidates. Share on X

The Value of Military Veterans in Your Workforce

Military veterans often bring a maturity and level of experience that’s very unique in most job applicants. They’re used to working well as a team, taking and giving instructions, and acting with confidence. Veterans can be a great asset to your team. Here are some ways to attract them to your organization:

Be Proactive

If you genuinely want military veterans on your team, don’t expect them to find you. Seek out opportunities to partner with local military bases or military to civilian support organizations. Meet with veterans and attend job fairs.

Educate Your Hiring Staff

Military lingo can be confusing for the layperson. Be sure that your HR or hiring staff understand the basic hierarchy, rank structure, and job titles that will likely be found on a veteran’s resume.

Provide Proper Training

Whether it’s an HVAC training course or a thorough partnered training, new employees should receive every advantage to set them up for success. Neglecting training increases the odds that the employee will go elsewhere.

Walk The Walk

It’s not enough to say you want to support veterans if you do nothing to follow through. Business owners should target the best candidates for the job, and you’ll undoubtedly find strong candidates in the veteran community. Take the time to educate yourself on what these men and women have done so that you can better reach out to them!

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