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HVAC Employment: How to Get The Job

HVAC Employment: How to Get The Job

HVAC Employment: How to Get The Job

The first step to getting a great job as an HVAC tech doesn’t involve a resume or job hunt. Before you even get there you have to have training or experience that sets you apart. Once you’ve completed that and taken any necessary certification exams, then you can start looking for the right company to work for.  With the right training and a good attitude, you will have no problem finding employment. Share on X

HVAC Employment in a Shortage

Given the technician shortage in the HVAC industry, you might think it would be a breeze to land a great job quickly. The problem with that thinking is that while employers are motivated, the shortage is of skilled workers. That is to say, technicians with hands-on training experience.

1) Get Trained

A reputable HVAC training course should center around hands-on experience so that upon completion, you’ll be able to get started in your career. The trades industries need highly skilled workers, and knowing that you have that training will prove invaluable. This will set you apart from other applicants, who lack training and are hoping a company will provide it to them upon hiring.

2) Ace the Interview

When your interview is scheduled, do some research about the company culture to ensure that you know your audience. This isn’t just to help you impress your interviewer, but to give you insight into whether or not the company is a good fit for you. Be sure to bring all relevant paperwork to the interview, such as your resume, diploma, or training certification, personal and professional references. Come in business casual with clean, unwrinkled clothes.

3) Don’t Settle

New HVAC techs with training are in a great position to get a very handsome job offer. Because of the shortage of technicians reaching an all-time high, many companies are offering signing bonuses and attractive benefits to get a qualified employee. This means that you can be a little picky, ask for what you want, and most likely get it.

A Sure Bet

If you’re a hard worker with a good attitude and HVAC training under your belt, you’re a sure bet. Much of the industry’s hiring is done through recommendations, so be sure to treat each employer and coworker with respect.

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