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This is the best school around for HVAC training, I’ve been to a local community college here in Houston, and what I learned in fourteen weeks here at the training center I haven’t learned in two years at that community college. I got my money’s worth there. Chris, the administrator there at the center, is a wonderful teacher and person as well. He cares about his students, that’s why his ex-students drop in every once in awhile to thank him and encourage his current students. Chris helped restore my dream of becoming an AC Tech!! He and his wife April are GOD sent–they are wonderful people and also Kathy who keeps the attendance. David Dooley and Shane are wonderful instructors! I thank you, Chris and your wonderful staff for giving me back my dream!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


By Far the best experience I’ve ever had and the best money I’ve ever spent. I learned so much, and everything is hands-on. This school’s training is second to none. I graduated last May 17th, and Mr. Dooley still keeps in touch with me and picks up the phone when I call to ask him any questions related to HVAC. He has helped me a lot and gotten me out of many binds while in the field. I recommend this school to anybody that is serious about taking on this trade–you won’t regret it, I promise!!!! Thank you so much, Mr. Walters and Mr. Dooley!


This place is great. I give it two thumbs up and two toes up. Mr. Walters is the BEST when it comes to educating and instructing. Very resourceful, intuitive, and hands-on is second to none. If you’re looking for adequate training and the best educational experience in Houston from a director who truly cares about his craft and students, this is the place without a doubt. If I could repeat the class over again I would. It’s THAT good. Thank you to everyone at the Training Center and their hard work. It’s benefited me greatly.


This is the second HVAC school that I have attended. It is by fair the best HVAC school out there. Chris is an awesome instructor. After I graduated, Chris is still willing to pick up or return my phone calls to help me solve any HVAC problems. Money can’t buy that type of customer service and pride of ownership. If you are thinking about an HVAC school, this is the one. Don’t waste time and money on any other one. When I enrolled at his school, I paid cash. So, I’m very serious about my education. This is the school you want to attend. Best money I ever spent.


HVAC searches have led you here. Let me give you some helpful advice. If you have a desire to be in this field or you’ve realized like me, that refrigeration is all around us and isn’t going away anytime soon, or maybe you’re in the HVAC field already, but you’re limited on knowledge and wanting to get an edge above the rest. Let me explain my own experience with this school compared to the other local HVAC / refrigeration schools in the Houston area. There’s many, and it can be a tough choice if you read about these schools online. So I made a list of all the schools in the area then visited them. As I walked into most of them the setting was like high school and sterile. Some had students in and out the front door like if the bell just rang. I realized that cause some schools have many fields in one location filled with dozens of classes. Some had a staff just like a high school with countless employees running around keeping the school in check. I spoke with instructors that seemed to have outstanding knowledge of things I didn’t realize existed and had no idea what they talked about. One school said I would finish with over 10 certificates before the course was over. Some said, the EPA test would be the last certificate. So my feeling leaving each one of these was I’ve got some huge hurdles along with a financial burden. I also felt there were way too many distraction in some of these schools. At this point, I was down to a few schools to check out, and this is where it became very clear to me what I should do. I drove up to a secluded fenced-in area where The Training Center of Air Conditioning & Heating is located. It was quite and relaxing. I walked into a small office just past the main classroom buildings. I didn’t feel intimidated at all. The staff was very polite and had no interest in bragging to me about what they could offer or why I should choose their school from the others. I then was escorted to the main classroom. I sat in the class like I did all the others. Every student had a seat that could easily view all of the types of internal parts that make up refrigeration and heating. This was the students first week of class and already seeing and being exposed to what you would see in the field. The students unlike the other schools had their full attention to the instructor. All the other schools I visited seemed like they were on break while I sat in their classroom. This gave me confidence that I was making the right choice of not only choosing to make a life-changing career but to choose this school. I walked out and met Mr. Walters. He spoke with me, gave me helpful tips, ideas and answers to real-life scenarios that would benefit me in the HVAC field. Mr. Walters explained to me the principals and high standards and a real hands-on learning process his school has to offer. I left with confidence and an eager desire to devote my time and money to The Training Center of Air Conditioning & Heating. When I started my first day of class, I realized my thoughts and feelings about this school were correct. Mr. Walters and his vision had also brought some key people into his school. The assistants in the class are top notch HVAC techs in the working field. Those guys are what I want to become. In my lifetime I’ve encountered two instructors that made a huge difference in my life. Mr. Dooley is the second. His patience, high standards and his desire to share his first-hand knowledge set the foundation of my training. He is the Master Sansei of HVAC. He taught us chemistry and electrical in a simplistic, easy to understand way while our hands were in motion at our workstations. Hands-on training was the key to my understanding and training. I never missed a day and when you enroll and start you will know why. I now have the ability to design a system. I understand why parts fail. I understand how parts fail. I understand how to diagnose when they could fail. I also have been introduced to many other directions HVAC refrigeration can take me. My limit is my own and with what I’ve learned at The Training Center of Air Conditioning & Heating…. I have no limits.