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Where to Take HVAC Training Classes in Houston

Are you looking for a profession that’s always in demand? Almost every building and home in the country has a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system that requires installation, maintenance, and repairs.  This creates several stable career opportunities. Interested in HVAC training but not sure where to go in Houston? Read this guide for more information. Click To Tweet

HVAC Training Classes in Houston

Job growth in the HVAC field is already increasing dramatically, as older technicians retire and create an increased demand for qualified techs.  HVAC systems have also become more complex, creating job openings for those who have the technical knowledge to work on modern units.

Local Demand

Unlike other jobs, you can’t outsource HVAC work, which must be done on site. This means that HVAC contractors have to work on the specific location where services for repair, installation, or maintenance of residential or commercial HVAC units are needed.

Pro Tip: There is plenty of local demand for HVAC techs in Houston, so you’ll never have to travel far!


There are many opportunities for advancement for technicians who work hard, take HVAC classes, and show commitment to improving. It’s not uncommon for HVAC technicians to work their way into better paying managerial positions without the need to go back to school for an advanced degree.

Hands-On Training

It’s important to look for an HVAC training program that offers hands-on experience. This helps you get real-life experience as you explore the academic and practical applications of your training. After graduating from such a school, you will have the necessary certification, education, and experience to make you a desirable candidate.

What a Reputable School Provides

A good HVAC training school should provide hands-on training and experience, but it should also offer meaningful contacts in the industry. When looking for a job after completing your education, your instructors will likely be able to help you network and ultimately, get hired. Additionally, all air conditioning/refrigeration technicians must pass an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification test. The Training Center of Air Conditioning & Heating will teach you about the EPA 608 requirements regarding ozone-depleting refrigerants and the clean air act, and we also proctor your test!

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