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Managing Your Schedule in the Peak Season of HVAC Repair

If you are in the HVAC repair industry, peak season is in full swing. This is the time of year when you and your team will have to balance the demands of existing customers with a large influx of new customers. At times in the summer months, HVAC repair companies may find themselves unable to address every service call they get. Peak season is challenging for every HVAC business, but with a little preparation and prioritization, you can manage your busy schedule. Peak HVAC repair season is your chance to make a positive impression on customers, ensuring return business year after year. Click To Tweet

Peak Season vs Off Season HVAC Repair

Hot Texas summers mean that people need somewhere to stay cool. That place is usually home, so when the AC isn’t working there’s a sense of desperation. Because Texas winters are generally mild, there’s no greater influx of HVAC work than in the summer.

Habits to Ditch

  • Throwing your commitment to ‘quality over quantity’ out the window. Bad reviews linger long after the job is done!
  • Never saying no, even when you don’t have room in your schedule. This is a recipe for technician burnout and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Booking customers on a first come, first serve basis, instead of prioritizing those in significant need and the most lucrative projects.
  • Hiring untrained or inexperienced technicians every peak season.

Habits to Embrace

  • Route the right calls to the right technicians. Never put an inexperienced tech on a big job.
  • Be honest. If your schedule is full, don’t try to schedule anything else. Do you think a customer left waiting for hours will be happy with their experience? Probably not.
  • Prioritize calls from customers in the most need that at the same time represent the best conversion.
  • Hire highly trained techs for the long run to ensure your customers are never disappointed or underwhelmed by temporary techs.

The Right Team

The best way to combat peak season burnout is with smart scheduling and the right team behind you. An experienced receptionist to field phone calls and prioritize appointments and reliable technicians with strong customer service skills will be your greatest asset in this busy season. Maintain your good reputation and positive reviews by keeping your standards high year round.

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