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Classes Start January 14, 2020

How HVAC Certification Can Give You A Competitive Edge

HVAC training serves at an important foundation to your HVAC career. It teaches you the basic repair and installation methods, terminology, tools, and best practices. However, with rapid advances in technology, it’s important to continue your education and strive to learn more. Combining strong training with state certification will make you an extremely competitive #HVAC technician. Click To Tweet

HVAC Certification vs. Training

Becoming a state-certified HVAC technician isn’t a substitute for good training, just as training is not the same as being certified. Think of your training diploma as graduating, and your certification as graduating with honors. It’s that distinction that will set you apart.


Becoming state-certified conveys a level of expertise that HVAC training courses alone can’t offer. This also offers employers and customers peace of mind, and can be a real benefit to business.


In addition to establishing your expertise, state certification shows a clear intent to better yourself and advance your skills. This can mean a lot to employers and shows that you’re in it for the long haul.


Once you’ve received training and become certified, your potential is limitless. This shows potential employers that you’re going places, and they should offer upward mobility if they want to keep you. There should always be opportunities for advancement when someone has shown a desire to grow.

The Right Balance

Like most things in life, it’s important to maintain an appropriate balance when it comes to education, experience, and certifications. This is why most professional certifications require a certain amount of experience and education and may require recertification.

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