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How to  Deliver an A+ Customer Service Experience

In the HVAC industry, customer service is a huge factor in success. It’s not enough to have highly trained technicians if they lack customer service skills. In this era of online reviews and instant feedback, workers must know how to treat customers. Without positive interactions from start to finish, #customers have no reason to use your business the next time they need #HVAC repairs. Click To Tweet

The Importance of the Customer Service Experience

The customer service experience starts with the initial contact and lasts days or weeks after the repair. It encompasses every interaction between the customer and your company, from the technical work done to the conversation before and after the repair. Here are some proven ways to provide an exceptional customer service experience:

Emphasize Professionalism

No matter what the job or pay scale, employees should conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism. Conversation with customers should be personable but not personal. Attire should be neat, and employees should be clean and put together.

Go Above & Beyond

The bare minimum should never be accepted as adequate. In today’s competitive market, it simply won’t cut it. From the persona answering the phone and setting appointments to the field technicians and management calling to gauge customer satisfaction after the fact, every person involved should be warm and professional, and able to handle any issues.

Employee Reviews

Regular reviews should already be part of your employee advancement strategy, but integrating customer feedback can enhance the process tremendously. Discuss any negative feedback employees have received and create a plan or recommend training to address these issues. Use this feedback as a learning tool to ensure that even perceived failures become lessons.

Be Vigilant

Providing exceptional customer service every time requires vigilance and consistency. Everyone should be doing an exceptional job every day. Any deviations from expected performance should be addressed quickly and uniformly. Regular training should be a priority to make it clear to employees that the customer experience is as important as the technical job.

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