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Classes Start January 14, 2020

Coming Soon: State Certified HVAC Technician Exam

You’ve heard it here first–The state of Texas will soon be rolling out a new HVAC Technician Certification Exam! Being state certified will allow technicians to be elevated in status, and will enable cutting a year from the usual time it takes to qualify for the air conditioning contractor exam. The new Texas HVAC Certification Exam comes in anticipation of massive industry growth. Click To Tweet

Why Take the HVAC Technician Exam?

Certification programs ensure the professionalism and competence of HVAC technicians by providing a measurement of skill and knowledge. Employees who seek certification learn to appreciate the importance of adhering to certain professional standards, which makes them more attractive to employers and customers alike.There are many additional reasons to become a certified technician, but here are the top 3:

Stay Competitive

Becoming state certified makes you a more attractive candidate for a new job or in-house promotion. Employers like to see ambition and dedication since these traits often translate to hard work and efficient workflow.

Stay Relevant

The training you received years ago may not be so relevant anymore, or may be perceived as outdated. Becoming state certified shows that you have the knowledge and expertise necessary for even modern technology.

Make More Money

Getting certified shows a level of seriousness that can motivate employers to invest more in you. It’s expensive to train new employees, so if you show that you’re pursuing avenues of self-improvement, your employee should offer incentives to keep you with their company.

Exciting Things Ahead

Currently, it takes 4 years of experience to sit for a contractors license exam, but soon a technician with 2 years of experience will be able to take the state certification exam. After holding that for 1 year, technicians will be eligible to take the contractors exam on the 3rd year. This exam will streamline the certification process and enable motivated technicians to get to work faster.

Learn More

Chris Walters has worked in the HVAC industry for more than 40 years and now teaches HVAC training classes. He was proud to help develop the new state exam and study guide, and he looks forward to helping technicians prepare for this milestone event.
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