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Classes Start January 14, 2020

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The Training Center welcomes you into our online community! We can’t wait to share tips, insights and expertise to help guide you through the HVAC training process. Your success is our top priority, so we strive to regularly share valuable information.

Sharing Knowledge

We spend most of our time in the classroom, but when we’re not teaching we want to connect with prospective students. This blog, the live chat, and our social media offer that opportunity to connect.

Useful Information

We’ll consistently keep you informed in all things HVAC, offering useful information on topics ranging from technician tips to new class schedules.  At The Training Center, we aren’t focused on filling seats or quantity. We value small class sizes and high-quality instruction. Similarly, the blog won’t be stuffed with daily posts but will offer consistent, useful information.

Industry News

As technology changes and advances, we’ll keep you posted on all industry news. For example, discussing the tremendous shortage of AC technicians, or introducing new standards or regulations. We won’t overwhelm you with too many of these posts but will feature them when appropriate.

Company Updates

The Training Center of Air Conditioning & Heating is growing and expanding, and as we do we’ll keep you updated on company news. We’ll notify readers of upcoming events, classes, graduations and other opportunities. We also inform you of any big changes or improvements at The Training Center.

Join the Conversation

Our students come from different backgrounds and industries, but no matter where you’re from or your experience level, we welcome you! We’ve seen the value this training brings and how it has changed the lives of graduates. We hope it helps you too. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to receive information and updates. Come say hi!