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Bad Habits That Are Hurting Your Career

Everyone has bad habits, and you are no exception, so think long and hard about your behaviors that tend to cause you trouble. Write everything down and implement a thoughtful strategy to address these tendencies. Most people aren’t aware that they have bad habits until they’re wreaked havoc on their personal or professional lives. What bad habits do you have that could be hurting your career? The answer might surprise you. Click To Tweet

Common Bad Habits

You probably started your career with the best of intentions, but over time, it’s normal to develop so habits to help you get through the week. Some are harmless, like that second cup of coffee. But others may be having a negative impact on you. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, there are some common bad habits that might be hurting your professional reputation:

You Complain

A negative attitude and constant complaining don’t make anyone feel sorry for you, it just makes coworkers and managers not want to be around you.  Everyone has their own problems, so try to keep yours to yourself.

You Don’t Set Goals

You may not have your entire life mapped out, but it’s important to have some basic goals to keep you propelled forward. You should always be moving towards something, even if it’s just learning a new skill or getting a promotion.

You Don’t Like a Challenge

Sure you do your job, but is that all you do? Do you ever go above and beyond, or take on new responsibilities? If you don’t like to challenge yourself, you’ll soon find that your career path reaches a dead end.

Pro Tip: Learning new things and embracing challenges at work is how you grow in your career field. 

The Power of a Positive Attitude

Whether you’re an HVAC technician or school teacher, having a negative outlook and lack of drive just won’t facilitate growth. Bad habits can be hard to break. Your best first step is to recognize the patterns of behavior that may be hurting your career. From there, you can take actions to reverse the damage and turn your bad habits into good practices.

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