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5 Tips for Hiring the Right HVAC Technician

One of the top reasons customers stop using a service company or contractor is employee indifference. If a customer feels disrespected, uncomfortable or ignored by their HVAC technician, chances are good that they’ll go with another company next time. This is why the right employee can make or break your business.

Hiring the Right HVAC Technician

Hiring for such a technical position means that many of the skills needed can be taught to an employee who is willing to learn. What can’t be taught is a positive attitude and a desire to work for the good of the team. Here are 5 tips to help you find the right HVAC technician:

1) Develop a Clear Job Description

How can you expect a potential employee to get the job done if you’re not even sure what the job is?! In order to find the right person for the job, you need to develop a clear picture of exactly what the job responsibilities will be. The job description is essentially a blueprint for the type of person you’re looking for, and will also help eliminate candidates that would not be a good fit.

2) Determine Experience Level Needed

There is much debate in the HVAC industry about desirable experience level. Some would argue that years of experience make for a better-trained employee. However, the consensus seems to be that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. A veteran technician will come with experience, but may also bring along bad habits and a lack of ambition. The sweet spot is an HVAC technician that has received training classes but is still fresh enough to be molded into the kind of employee that you need.

3) Ensure Legal Compliance

Be sure the HVAC technician you’re considering has been certified and properly trained. Each state is different but might require a specific license for HVAC repair. Proper training and state certification will ensure that your technician understands how to install HVAC systems correctly according to building codes. HVAC technicians with the right credentials and certifications provide a higher quality of service to customers. Share on X

4) Check Background & References

So you met a great candidate and you feel good about them joining the team. Do you hire them on the spot? NO! This is business, and sometimes your gut instincts will be wrong. Always check the criminal background and references for potential employees. This may save you from being unpleasantly surprised down the road. If you’re unsure of how to get an unbiased opinion from former employers, the best way is to ask the applicant rate themselves and then ask the previous employer to agree or disagree with their rating.

5) Consider a Probationary Period

A probationary period can be very beneficial to both the technician and the management. This period (often 3 months) allows for initial training and on-the-job experience, with no commitment from either party. This allows you to see how they interact with customers, what their work ethic is like in real life, and how much they still need to learn.

Your Most Valuable Asset

Once you’ve gotten through the gauntlet and hired a great employee, focus on making their experience at your company the best it can be. Don’t give them a reason to leave or seek out better opportunities. Offering a positive work environment, upward mobility and attractive perks can make a new employee your most valuable asset.

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