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5 Steps to Move Past Career Dissatisfaction

It’s normal to daydream about have a different career, and everyone gripes about their jobs at one time or another, but when these occasional moments become a constant, you may need a change. Occasional dissatisfaction is normal in any career, but daily discontent may signal a bigger problem than a weekend can solve. Click To Tweet

Recognizing Career Dissatisfaction

Maybe it’s office politics or a lack of upward mobility that’s got you down, but whatever the problem, it can be difficult to gauge how serious it is. Generally speaking, if you’re constantly complaining, if you dread Mondays and haven’t had a good day at work in weeks or months, it’s probably time to find something new.

Identify The Source

It’s important to identify the source of your unhappiness. Is it the job itself, or something specific about the job? If it’s something specific to the workplace, you may simply need to find a job at a different company. However, if the problem is the work itself, you may want to consider a new career path.

Weigh Your Options

Starting over can be scary, so it’s important to weigh your options. Try not to romanticise a certain job, but instead look at practical reasons for each option you’re considering. Take into account the training or education that will be required for a new career.

Make a Plan

Making a plan of action can be very exciting, giving you a realistic timeline for the transition. If you’re swapping a dissatisfying desk job for a hands-on HVAC career, decide on a training course and certification program and make plans for when to attend, how you’ll pay for it and how long it will take.

Follow Through

The best plan won’t help if you never follow through! If you’re serious about starting a new career, you can’t just daydream. You must act. It’s often helpful to find a mentor in your desired field to help inform and inspire you to stick with it.

A Fresh Start

If you’d rather be anywhere but work, why not find a career you’ll enjoy, that will be fulfilling and rewarding? Life is too short to settle for a 9 to 5 that leaves you miserable and trapped. Weigh your options, make a plan, and follow it to a fresh start in a new career!

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