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How to Interview for an HVAC Job

Now that you’ve graduated from an accredited school, it is time to begin the HVAC interview process for a job in the industry. When interviewing for a job in the industry, there are few things you can do to increase your chances of landing a job. Use these tips to prepare for your interview, impress your potential employer, and land the job.

Bring Your Resume

Never assume your interviewer has already seen your credentials. Always bring a hard copy of your resume with you to HVAC interviews even if you already submitted your resume or filled one out online. It is good practice to have your resume on hand when you walk into an interview. This shows that you are fully prepared and capable of thinking ahead.

If you are wondering how to impress your interviewer with your resume, consider making some changes to it. A good resume should include the following:

  • Employment history
  • Education history
  • A list of EPA and other certifications
  • Related skills
  • References
  • Contact information

Learn About the Company

Not only will learning about the company impress your potential employer but researching the company will also help you prepare for the HVAC interview. Begin with the actual job description. This will provide you with an understanding of what the company is looking for in an employee. 

Be sure to visit the company’s website to learn more about their mission statement and values. Plus, check out the services the company offers. When speaking to the interviewer, make sure you mentioned your experience and expertise as it relates to these services. 

Be Prepared to Demonstrate Your Knowledge

In addition to generic interview questions, you will be asked specific questions about the HVAC industry. Be ready to answer questions about different kinds of equipment and challenges you may face as an HVAC technician. Even during a first interview, many HVAC employers will ask a few questions about the kinds of equipment and challenges you might encounter. Being as detailed as possible can help you demonstrate your knowledge of a particular piece of equipment or challenge. 

Before the interview, have someone ask you sample questions so you can prepare in advance. Learning the possible questions before the interview and preparing an answer beforehand will help you appear knowledgeable. Plus, you will feel much more comfortable during the HVAC interview.

After the HVAC Interview

Once the interview is over, be sure to send the interviewer a thank-you note, even if you do not land the job. Whether you think you aced the interview or bombed it, always follow up with a friendly message expressing your continued interest in the position and the company. This gesture will make you stand out from the other applicants which will help you secure a position in the future. 

Before beginning the HVAC interview process, the first step in securing a job in the HVAC industry is a quality education. When you are ready, do not hesitate to contact us at the Training Center of Air Conditioning & Heating here in Houston, Texas.