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4 Tips to Succeed in Your New HVAC Career

A new career in HVAC is a gift! It’s a fresh set of opportunities. You’ll be serving your community by supporting their safety and comfort, and you’ll be getting paid very well for it. Every day, you’ll face new challenges and have the chance to grow both professionally and personally!

However, we understand that beginning a new career can be intimidating. There’s so much to keep track of, and there are a lot of things you need to succeed. We want you to hit the ground running in your HVAC career, so we’ll share some advice that will help you do just that.

Here are 4 tips that will help you succeed in your new HVAC career and experience the gift of opportunity!

Work on Your Resume 

Building a great resume helps you stand out as a candidate. Your interview skills, technical knowledge, and overall professionalism are what land you the job, but a good resume gets you “in the door.”

Make sure that you are highlighting all your experience in the HVAC industry, whether it’s time in the field or in the classroom. It is important to show that you have invested time and energy into becoming a professional. Employers often care more about your dedication and willingness to learn than previous experience, so highlight everything you’ve done!

Note any achievements, awards, or special recognitions you might have received or attended to whether they are related to HVAC or not. Show that you’re a well-rounded, capable, and engaged individual.

Include brief information about your interests and ways that you are involved with your community that goes beyond HVAC. List clubs, volunteer organizations, community service experience, and other things you are a part of to help demonstrate that you really care about people. After all, HVAC is an industry centered around serving others.

Talk about the soft skills that you possess, such as customer service, effective communication, time management, and other things that will make you a good employee.

Improve Your Communication Skills 

Being an HVAC professional isn’t only about showing off your technical skills. Communication in the trades is essential, not only for working with your team but also for dealing with new, past, and potential clients. 

You will truly succeed and stand out from the competition when you’re able to communicate quickly and effectively on the job. 

It’s important to practice active listening. Really pay attention to the people around you. Instead of just responding as a reflex, really hear them out and take a second to think about what you need to say. This will benefit you when dealing with stressful or frustrating situations on the job. You’ll appear more confident and level-headed.

Remember, communication isn’t only what you say with your mouth but also what you say with your body. Look your clients and team members in the eyes, have a confident posture, and don’t close yourself off by crossing your arms or turning away when speaking to people on the job. 

Be Equipped With Must-Have Tools

There is a list of “must-have” tools that every HVAC professional should carry around with them to be fully equipped for whatever project they might have to work on. 

Hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, and tape measures should never be missing from your toolbox. After all, some of the best investments for an HVAC technician are the tools they own. Other critical equipment includes crescent wrenches, powered drills, wire cutters, and pipe wrenches.

Ensure that you have the essential equipment before you start interviewing for jobs, so you can get to work right away. Employers will be impressed by your ambition when you show up ready to go on the first day. 

Look Out for Your Safety

It doesn’t matter if you have been in the industry for 1 month or 30 years, everyone should be following the proper safety standards to avoid any injuries or even casualties. Professional trades can be some of the most dangerous jobs out there, so be sure to stay on top of safety training and best practices.

There are plenty of hazards to keep in mind when doing your job. You will be working with electricity, exposed to different chemicals, and at times even doing jobs that could be hazardous for your respiratory system if you don’t use the right protection measures.

Make sure that your practices and work align with OSHA and CDC guidelines. This is necessary not only for your health but for staying within the regulations and legal standards of your work.

Another safety precaution that many might not think of is driving safety. You will be spending a lot of time on the road driving to and from jobs, so watch your speed and stay off your phone when operating a vehicle. You know how to stay safe on the road already, make sure it’s a priority on the job. 

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As we’ve discussed, there are a few different things you can do to prepare yourself to take advantage of your new gift—a career in HVAC. These include working on your resume, improving your communication skills, gathering must-have tools, and looking out for your safety.

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