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Learn the exciting hands-on

Chris Walters’ Method

Chris Walters has 38 years experience and is a State Subject Matter Expert
in air conditioning and heating!

Chris Walters, the director and an instructor at The Training Center of Air Conditioning & Heating, teaches true-to-life skills that will enable graduates to find work in the HVAC industry. Every class mimics real-world experiences and encourages active participation with each student. The program is 14 weeks covering 16 subjects that are taught in small class settings to allow for more interaction and one-on-one instructor time. Discover how we can help turn your life around by clicking the button to learn more.

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With our hands-on approach to training, you will gain in-depth knowledge that will enable you to immediately find work upon graduation.

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The 14-week program consists of 16 subjects and flexible hours offered Monday-Thursday.

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Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about our air conditioning and heating program.

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We are a proctor test site for required exams in the HVAC industry.

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Professional Endorsement
by John Lain

I recently visited with Chris Walters, founder of The Training Center of Air Conditioning & Heating. The facilities are state of the art, and the integrity and commitment of Chris Walters to his students is unsurpassed. Graduates of The Training Center of Air Conditioning & Heating will be prepared and ready to immediately participate and contribute.

It is my honor and privilege to wholeheartedly endorse The Training Center of Air Conditioning & Heating.

44 years of HVACR experience including 10 years of TDLR. Retired Compliance Division Program Manager, Cheif Mechanical Inspector for the State of Texas, Department of Licensing and Regulation.

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Attended a free session for homeowners that presented a wealth of information on how to get competent HVAC service that is fairly priced. Chris did an excellent job of presenting a lot of really useful material that would benefit any homeowner. It was 2 hours very well spent by those of us who attended. He is not selling anything, but just seems dedicated to educating consumers on how to get the most out of whatever money they have to spend on HVAC. My thanks to Chris for doing this.
Charles Beam
Charles Beam
03:43 25 Aug 19
I attended a Saturday morning homeowner's seminar. It may have been the best short course I've ever attended; full of useful information, practical advice, and exposure to the real equipment in the training workshop.The information about R-22 system maintenance and possible replacement refrigerants vs. whole system change out for R-410A alone may save me thousands of dollars over the next few years.
Bruce Lundberg
Bruce Lundberg
22:34 20 Aug 19
I attended a two-hour homeowner's class the school offered this morning. Chris was the instructor and very knowledgeable with lots of show-and -tell. It was all wonderful!
Greg F
Greg F
21:47 10 Aug 19
I love coming to the school and enjoy every minute of class. The instructors are very articulate and they keep your attention with their ways of teaching. They always make you feel welcomed and no questions are dumb. They show you the right way to be successful in this business. I have learned a lot and excited to get started. I recommend this school for anyone and even if you are not in the least experienced, to take this class and you will be impressed and impressed with yourself after you completed the 14 week program.
David Davila
David Davila
01:26 19 Apr 19
Moved down here from Lubbock Texas. And Wass looking for a different trade to start here in Houston. Started looking in Google and reviews and saw this school and thought it would be perfect to get life started for me and my family. Started class and thought this place is Amazing. Instructors here are there by your side 24/7 while you are here. I wouldn't wanna pick any other school than this one. Thank God for these amazing people and for all the hands on experience I've been through.
Elijah Gallegos
Elijah Gallegos
23:28 18 Apr 19
I had an awesome experience with this school! All the teaching is done with hands on training so you experience it right then and there. Our instructor David Dooley is very knowledgeable of the trade and does a great job of breaking things down so they are easy to understand! The rest of the staff Chris, Shane, Kathy and April are all great as well!
Greg Flint
Greg Flint
21:44 18 Apr 19
When I came for a tour of the school I knew I was going to enroll simply because of how Chris was very detailed on what they teach and how hands on the school is. I had Shane as my instructor really good instructor he makes class fun but also very knowledgeable about the trade. Most definitely recommend checking this school out before any other !
joe sanchez
joe sanchez
15:07 18 Apr 19
This hvac program has changed my life in a positive way. The hands on approach is what i really like about the school. The instructors Shane and Chris are very attentive and will work on a one on one basis to make sure you understand the process. The entire staff has been very helpful and all have a great attitude. I highly recommend this training center!👍
Mark Abbott
Mark Abbott
14:00 18 Apr 19
Awesome school! Great hands on training! Office staff are very helpful and the atmosphere is team oriented. We learned as a class as opposed to individuals! Our instructor was Shane! Very knowledgeable, patient and hilarious to say the least. You have fun while you learn. Repetition is key, and you will get plenty of that here. Chris is a walking H-Vac system! You will be blown away by the knowledge that this school provides.Very coordinated and informal. DO NOT! Submit to a school before checking these guys out. I almost made the same mistake!
Gods Plan
Gods Plan
05:48 18 Apr 19

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is The Course?

This course will take 14 weeks to complete 16 subjects. This is accomplished from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, or 5:30 -9:30 pm, Monday through Thursday–no classes on Fridays. There are three courses offered per year; Spring class beginning in January, Summer class beginning in May, and Fall class beginning in September.

Want to learn more about our courses? View the HVAC classes page.

What is The Main Teaching Method?

Hands-on is the short but important answer. Mr. Walters, the school’s Director, has seen many technicians over his 30-year career that did not get enough hands-on training or teaching. Many of these students came with certificates and made excellent grades. These same technicians had never touched some of the most basic components and instead spent most of the time in classrooms. Our facility is one big shop setting. You sit at workbenches and use tools every day. There will be lecture and class instructions, but almost all of it is followed by practical examples.

Interested in hearing more about our unique teaching experience? Learn more by viewing the Chris Walters Method page. 

What are The Class Sizes?

The facility and the course were designed to teach a small teacher to student ratio. Class sizes will not exceed 18 students.

What Can I Expect To Learn?

The air conditioning and heating technician training program is a comprehensive course designed to teach students the skills and techniques required for entry-level employment into the residential and light commercial, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) field. Upon completion of this program, students will be able to install, service, and maintain typical air conditioning and heating systems found in the southern environment of the United States. Graduates may find suitable entry-level employment with air conditioning companies, building maintenance departments, high rise building engineering departments, or other employment where HVAC skills are required. Graduates will learn with class lecture, discussion, and with hands-on experience in lab environments. They will also be exposed to a variety of actual equipment and mock-up situations designed to prepare them for fieldwork.